By unifying Europe’s leading Institutions and Companies the PHABULOuS pilot-line will design and manufacture FMLA solutions with the goal of integrating them into high added value services. Through synchronizing efforts and translating urgent high-impact industrial needs, we will provide faster, seamless and cost-efficient pilot manufacturing for industrially relevant predictable software packages, manufacturing tools and processes, characterization methods for quality inspection and integration schemes.

Freeform optics

Freeform optics consists of optical components

  • designed with no symmetry constraints
  • enabled by improvements in computing power & ultraprecision machining


  • New functionalities
    • Aberration reduction
    • Non-symmetric illumination
  • System simplification / integration


  • Design & simulation
    • Surface description
  • Fabrication
  • Characterization


Micro-optics consists of optical components

  • between a few micrometres and a millimetre in size
  • Such as small lenses or arrays of lenses (MLAs)


  • New functionalities
  • Miniaturization
  • Low-weight & Large-area
  • Flexibility & Conformability
  • Low-cost mass manufacturing


  • Design
  • Fabrication
    • Mastering
    • Replication
  • Characterization


Process visualization

Acceleration & Optimization

We will aim to achieve an overall increase of MRL from 5-6 to 8-9  through manufacturing FMLA processes and functionalities.

This is done through the following steps:

  • Adaptation of predictive algorithms into well-developed optical CAD models and simulation packages that provide early feedback on manufacturability.
  • Optimization of different ultraprecision micro-machining technologies for the origination of high-quality FMLAs
  • Optimization of commercially relevant, high-throughput up-scaling technology
  • Integration of a surface coating technique portfolio
  • Optimization of the metrology procedure


The pilot line manufacturing technologies and processes will be validated by the implementation of 6 use cases from various application domains:

Micro Displays for Augmented Reality

A new dimension to consumer’s experience by providing the world’s highest pixel density AMOLED microdisplays.

The technology provides brightness enhancement and control of angular light emission, e.g. in see-through optical systems for wearable Augmented Reality (AR).

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Thin free-form optical lenses with improved image resolution and reduced volume and field of view for VR/AR headsets.


LED downlight with asymmetric uniform light distribution.

The thin-form factor/cost-effective FMLA solution will replace the current bulky/expensive facetted reflectors.

Automotive exterior lighting


Headlights with uniform appearance in the on/off state, yielding a high beam and an asymmetric low beam with a homogenous light distribution and low stray light, low installation space and low weight.


Free-form microstructured foils/plates with gemstone appearance.

Hexagon Panel is an homage to the world-famous honeycomb design that has sparkled on spectacular facades all over the world.

Active Panel combines the luminous power of 200,000 crystal per square meter with a backlighting of special LEDs.

© Swarovski

Transportation interior lighting

Seisenbacher GmbH (Source Neomind / BEG / DB)

Large-area direct-lit LED luminaires with improved luminance uniformity, thinner form factor and lower cost.