Join us as we evaluate the available technologies for production of polymer and hybrid micro-optics, and the advances of direct laser writing, two-photon polymerization and microreplication technologies for industrial production of custom and freeform optical surfaces. The workshop will present the challenges and opportunities of the PHABULOuS Pilot Line, and the results of PHENOmenon project, but it will be also open also for key players in the field to promote discussion and exchange between worldwide researchers and identify the path towards industrial implementation and new applications. After each morning session, a networking session is organized to allow on-demand exchanges towards future exchanges and collaborations and flourishing of new research and business opportunities among the participants.

Tuesday 8 June 2021,  09.00 – 11.30


The first day will be focussed on the technology for micro-optics manufacturing, its background and the latest advances. Topics include the technology offered by PHABULOuS, the European Pilot Line for the manufacturing of free-form micro-optical components, as well as the challenges of UV replication technologies (wafer-scale, roll-to-plate R2P, and roll-to-roll R2R). We will also talk about an integral manufacturing approach (material, process and technology) through the PHENOmenon project, for large area direct laser writing of 2&3D optical structures by massive parallelization. Advances include the use of dynamic laser beam management, novel photoinitiators and resists for high speed, low energy processing, and new high-throughput parallelization and processing strategies. This session aims to gather contributions of new direct laser writing solutions that have recently emerged for high throughput of 2D and 3D optical surface micro/nano structures. The program runs until 11.00 followed by the opportunity for networking (till 11.30).

Wednesday 9 June 2021 09.00 – 11.30


The second day will be focussed on the industrial and commercial applications of free-form micro-optics and customised optical surfaces. Examples and demonstrators will include light management films and diffusers, holographic and diffractive optics, meta lenses, antifogging and antiwetting optical films and LED illumination micro-optic films (PHENOmenon project).  And we will hear from industrial partners with specific applications and expertise will show their challenges, demands and offer a user perspective on the current and future practice of free-form micro-optic production (PHABULOuS Pilot Line). We will end this day with a special networking event. The program runs until 11.00 followed by the opportunity for networking (till 11.30).

Please find below the agenda of the workshop:

If you would like to watch the 2 day workshop please refer to the videos below