The PHABULOuS Pilot Line, a European acceleration program, is hosting an Open Call for participation in the Demonstrator Program

Micro-imprint fabrication of micro-optical elements. Micro-optics is fabricated on wafers of 200 mm diameter and separated by dicing. Each micro-optical element has more than 100 channels to realize its functionality. The multichannel concept together with free-form optical design allows to realize illumination and imaging of objects with extraordinary homogeneity and no deformation.

To advance Europe’s competitiveness and support advanced technical developments, the European Commission is providing €3 million of funding to early adopters of the PHABULOuS Pilot Line Services for the implementation and integration of free-form micro-optical components.

Free-form micro-optics opens up new possibilities to create products that are more energy efficient, more reliable, and/or more aesthetically pleasing at competitive costs. To make the implementation and integration of free-form micro-optics easily accessible, PHABULOuS has opened up the one-stop-shop for free-form micro-optical components offering all services through a single entry point.

PHABULOuS represents the full value chain and consists of Europe’s leading companies and research and technology organisations in the field of micro-optics. As pilot line, we offer a full range of services from optical design and origination to pilot and volume production, including tooling, material selection and quality control. All synchronised to ensure a smooth process and to reduce lead times from several months to several weeks.

Funding of total €3M is available to support the implementation and integration of free-form micro-optics and the scale up to pilot production. The pilot line services are available to all European companies, preferably SMEs, that have an existing design or prototype at any TRL. Up to 90% of funding per pilot case is available, depending on company size, excellence, impact and implementation.

This open call has been enabled through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Grant Agreement nº 871710, in Public Private Partnership with Photonics 21 and will run continuously until November 2023. The open call works with regular cut-off dates, at which time the applicants are evaluated and chosen to participate. For all information, deadlines, and requirements, please check the PHABULOuS website at or contact the open call helpdesk at